Cleaning the Parking Lot
A spotless outside appearance is critical for an inviting curb appeal.
Cleaning the Restroom
Methods to keep the restroom clean and customers happy.

Cleaning the Shelves
Employees will be more successful at keeping the store clean when they have a plan to follow.
Cleaning Trashcans and Ashtrays
Don't let unsightly trash cans and overflowing ashtrays drive your customers away.

Dumpster Care
Responsibilities for keeping trash areas clean.
Fire Safety
Every business should have a fire plan and conduct regular fire drills to ensure employees are prepared for emergencies.

Food Safety and Sanitation
Proper handling of food to prevent food-borne illness and contamination.
GHS/Hazard Communications
Employees will understand the hazards of all chemicals at your business along with safe-handling practices.

Harassment in the Workplace
Definition and real-world scenarios of the many forms of harassment.
Harassment in the Workplace - Manager
Actions which are discriminatory or harassing must never be tolerated.

Loss Prevention
Planned strategy to protect business from theft and shrinkage of inventory.
NY Food Safety and Sanitation
New York Food Safety and Sanitation

PCI Compliance
Payment Card Industry guidelines on how to protect customers’ account data.
Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP)
RAMP was created by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to educate licensees and their employees on the laws pertaining to their establishment and how to serve alcohol responsibly.

Responsible Tobacco Sales
Learn to follow state regulations and laws for responsible tobacco sales.
Robbery Deterrence
Preventing robbery and shoplifting, as well as what to do should it occur.

Safe Lifting
Preventing injuries by learning how to lift and carry objects properly.
Slips and Falls
Providing a safe environment to help prevent slips and falls.

SNAP, Emp.
Train your employees on the procedures for handling SNAP purchases.
Social Media
Using social media to communicate with customers responsibly.

Sticking the Tank
Procedures for testing the underground fuel tanks for water.
Stocking the Cooler
Providing a satisfying shopping experience to customers by keeping a well stocked store.

Stocking the Fuel Island
Providing outstanding service and convenience by keeping a clean well stocked fuel island.
Stocking the Shelves
Keeping shelves stocked, neat, and organized.

Sweeping and Mopping
Eliminate safety hazards by frequent sweeping and mopping.
Workplace Violence
Being prepared for the possibility of violence.
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